Forklift Rentals


Van-Centre Forklift is happy to provide forklift rentals throughout the lower mainland including Vancouver,Burnaby Richmond,Surrey,Langley and the Fraser Valley.

How Long Can I Book For


Currently our platform allows you to book by the day (24 hrs) all forklifts are dropped off in the morning and then picked up the following morning unless you have booked a second day or more.

Call or e-mail us to book your forklift


Call our office at 

604-377-4782 or e-mail our Sales department and we will be happy to process your request for you.

Do I Need a License


If this was a car would you be asking this question?  Well you're not alone in asking. Here is an article from WorkSafe BC explaining the necessary requirements to drive a forklift. 



Many people want to know who is responsible in the event of a accident. When renting a forklift your operator and your company are responsible for any damages. This includes your products and our forklift. We recommend having your operator trained on the equipment before he or she drives it.



Customers are welcome to arrange their own freight provided it is with a licensed and insured company. No personal pickups are allowed. Alternatively VCFR can arrange freight for you at an extra charge. Please call our office no matter how you wish to ship the forklift so we can make sure the arrangements are to your satisfaction.